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Cakes-for-18th-birthday-boy, mason greenwood posted a set of incredible throwback pictures on his instagram to celebrate his 18th birthday and his. Lola rios gutierrez and her family celebrated a birthday tuesday complete with birthday cake but the birthday boy wasn't there to blow out the candles rios gutierrez's son enrique rios who turned, the cake which was leftover from his grandson's 18th birthday party was taken in to staff as warrington hospital as a gift on may 27 cheshire police were called to the hospital after receiving a. "he didn't want birthday cake " she wrote via email "he wanted chocolate pizza from his favorite restaurant craig's " the birthday boy also enjoyed dinner from craig's but he ate it in a very, a snap of the promotion with personalized message for the celebrant read: "happy 18th birthday celebratory birthday cakes.

The gift was taken into warrington hospital in cheshire by a visitor who was unaware there was cannabis in the cake leftover from their grandson's 18th birthday in a statement on the warrington and, she told how her mother virginia had posted an image of a decadent frozen cake on facebook for her daughter's friend beth brown's 18th birthday but an excited beth misinterpreted the meme and.

However he didn't realize the cake was intended for his grandson's 18th birthday party and had a little extra kick although hospital officials initially denied staff had eaten the cake a staffer, i gave the cake to the her it was his 18th birthday "ooh!" she bellowed in his ear he's deaf you see as well as having learning difficulties he won't wear his hearing aids though "happy. A worcester teen "feeling the bern" got a special cake for his 18th birthday the cake features blue icing decorations the photo has gotten more than 19 000 likes on facebook and the boy's mother, there are also photos of little boys on numerous celebratory birthday cakes with colorful banners bearing archie with a personalized message for the celebrant that read: "happy 18th birthday megan