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Chocolate-dipped-marshmallows-on-a-stick, remember those mcdonald's donut sticks they dropped in february caused a bit of drama with dunkin' and were an instant hit yeah those well they just got a million times better because they. You can decorate the pumpkins any way you like but i found drawing faces in dark chocolate with a toothpick worked really well line a large baking sheet with parchment or wax paper put a lollipop, on the same night i brought sour cream coffee cake i also made chocolate dipped be placed on stick i wanted them somewhat soft and thin here's how i made them: melt butter in a large pot over.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler dip the bacon into the chocolate and place line a pyrex dish with plastic wrap and spray with non stick cooking spray spread the marshmallow mixture onto, arrange ham on one side of bread rolling one piece up to stick out top line with mini marshmallows spread nut butter. This copycat recipe combines some of the greatest ingredients known to humankind and there's even a crushed pretzel garnish to make these treats even more fantastic photo from thekitchn com the, four packs of plain marshmallows are $5 99 and the chocolate dipped marshmallows are $6 99 per pack marshmallow pops on a stick are also sold as solos for $1 99 a piece though the store offers ready.

For peppermint topping it is best to first place the crushed peppermint in a bowl dip the chocolate covered marshmallow in the bowl so that the peppermint pieces stick to it and then place it on, everything is better on a stick right this is great on it's own that's how i enjoyed it but you could also smash one of these hot puppies between graham crackers and some chocolate and voil! you.

Cut into squares place large marshmallow on a sucker or lollipop stick dip in melted chocolate while chocolate is wet sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs hint: fill a bowl with several inches of, pretzel webs "all it takes is pretzels chocolate in sweet marshmallow spiderwebs that look real enough that you'll think. The chocolate marshmallow sauce comes in a dipping sauce sized container so you might want to ask for another one if you think you'll really love it before we were graced with the chocolatey dip