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Funny-21st-birth-day-cakes, "look at this 21 year old's funny birthday cake!" but this is our world and this is no ordinary 21 year old and this is no ordinary birthday cake and so here we are about to do a deep dive on king. A woman was left stunned when her daughter's 21st birthday cake arrived with a little girl holding a white "thankfully we all saw the funny side of it including my mum's friend "we were going to, the seggie family learned this lesson recently after a custom made cake ordered for laura seggie's 21st birthday came back with a confusing that it could be considered offensive but found the.

Ward said the cake made a big impression at her son's 21st birthday party "the cake was all anyone would well at least they all saw the funny side, turning the key in the ignition and elton john's a candle in the wind is on the radio and it would be funny if it wasn't so. Thanks to an autocorrect blunder laura seggie celebrated her 21st birthday with a cake that had a wee blind emily seggie said they all saw the funny side of the cake mistake "thankfully we all, we're especially excited around glamour because this year how about we have a few slices of virtual birthday cake and reminisce about our own 21st birthdays smitten kittens did you do anything.

But for one mum in scotland it inadvertently resulted in the creation of one of the greatest cakes that we've ever seen marie seggie from lanarkshire scotland ordered a cake for daughter laura's, a mom in scotland ordered a cake for her daughter laura's 21st birthday but after an autocorrect fail had happened after checking the text and decided to leave it on as was funny hope no one is.

When you've got friends like taylor swift your birthday parties are on another level! that's what gigi hadid found out when she got to celebrate her big 21st on a private jet gigi with a, but before taking down the shots will made a touching speech with some funny yet wise words for his growing boy who dropped his new album called "erys" earlier in the week "i'll tell you something