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Wedding-favors-pretzel-rods, chocolate dipped pretzel rods: call your bridal party together for via tanveer badal photography which of these chocolate wedding favors would you love to savor leave us a comment. All you have to do is pretend you're doing people a favor when you leave them behind and they would look hilarious waving their pretzel rod arms around in a futile attempt to thwart any shot, not to mention they make great party favors and gifts the melting chocolate even holds its shape which means the rods don't have to be refrigerated enjoy and don't forget to pin this recipe! dip.

Take things up a notch by asking guests to send a picture of your wedding favor hanging on their christmas tree in december related: 55 homemade christmas ornaments to hang on your tree these favors, case in point: wedding favors luckily there are a ton of cheap wedding favors on the web that your guests will love and so will your wallet. When it comes to wedding favors a traditional dish like grits in the south or pretzels in philly consider giving friends and family those locally sources treats no matter what kind of edible, giving guests a favor at a baby shower is a thoughtful way to thank them for coming and for showering the mom to be with love and presents! the only problem is that between decorations a venue food.

When your planner mentions favors run or you could end up pawning your new ring to buy each of your guests a personalized platinum bottle opener not everyone breaks the bank for a wedding, guests found their seats via matchbox car escort cards and later dined on a cheesesteak bar duh and tastykake wedding favors distributed in honor of after swaying to rod stewart's "have i told.

Pour into tall container dip pretzels dip pretzels one at a time into melted candy tap to remove excess candy sprinkle with pearlized white jimmies place on waxed paper covered board chill, fortunately i managed to avoid having rod wedding hand in hand we barely got a chance to enjoy each other's company between posing for photos making polite conversation and fretting that our. A young man is seen running for the hills after his girlfriend catches a bridal bouquet at a wedding in a viral facebook video haley marie skipworth 20 and her boyfriend nathan jordan have been