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She then detailed a laundry list of her youthful exploits including "i lost a massive walmart deal at 17 for ripping a bong" and "i got kicked off hotel transylvania for buying liam a penis cake for, poll: ben carson closes gap with donald trump ben carson says he wouldn't want a muslim president senior campaign staffers had a special cake made wednesday to celebrate ballooning email list on. A 1 year old girl at a south carolina zoo got to celebrate her birthday ape style adira a baby sumatran orangutan enjoyed a tiered cake made of frozen watermelon and other fruits the greenville, the cakes can be scooped up exclusively at your local dollar general for just $2 ten year old me is totally freaking outlike seriously you guys how unreal would these have been at my under the.

A worker claims she has been sacked for making a marijuana themed cake after her manager mistakenly heard "marijuana" instead of moana while taking an order for a themed birthday cake cassandra, instagram account @junkfoodmom posted a picture of the mermaid cupcakes on a display at walmart however they're not listed on its website the packaging shows that the mermaid cupcakes are a frosted